Plan for the future by making sure your estate is left to who you intend at the right time and in a tax efficient manner.

Our panel of Wills and Trusts providers are committed to the provision of high quality, impartial advice on all aspects of planning your estate and assets for the future benefit of your family and loved ones. They continually strive to maintain the highest standards of competence and integrity, and this creates an environment wherein our clients long-term financial security is assured throughout their lifetime.

  • Protecting property and other assets from all the potential risks that can reduce inheritances
  • Ensuring estates do not cause any inheritance tax burdens for the client and their beneficiaries
  • Implementing strategies to provide a safe legacy provision for beneficiaries

The extensive legal team from our providers consists of a panel of solicitors. Each member of the solicitor panel provides expertise in all aspects of guidance, advice and implementation of estate planning strategies. This can be for a simple Will, Will Trust, or a Power of Attorney, to the ultimate estate protection of Lifeplan Trusts. There are many risk factors to your estate and your family beneficiaries that you will want to reduce, or avoid completely – doing nothing is really not an option.