Our Panel Partner provides lower costs to businesses.

Read what our panel are saying –

“We’re standing up for small businesses. For too long small businesses have been underserved and overcharged by the bigger providers. That’s why we’ve set up a card payment service that is dedicated to making card payments safer, simpler and more affordable for smaller businesses. We provide exactly the same services as the banks, but our prices are lower and our customer service is much better. So how do we that? By harnessing the buying power of thousands of UK businesses to act as one gigantic business, we can drive the rates that our customers pay.”

Getting started couldn’t be simpler When it comes to cards, no one gets you set up faster.

From our simple sign up to our express delivery, everything we do is designed to make it quick and easy to accept cards in store, online or on the move.

We can have a card machine sent out to you in working days and if you’re looking to accept payments online, we’ll have you ready to sell.

Rates that are guaranteed to stay low

We guarantee to fix the rates offered to your business for the duration of your contract. This means you won’t see any unexpected increase in the price of your terminal lease or your acquiring rates.

Feel special? You should, as we’re the only UK provider to offer capped contracted rates.