Challenging and evolving tax planning wisdom.

Our tax partner is a boutique tax planning consultancy that offers tailored advice and bespoke tax services to private clients and UK companies. Their success can be measured by the considerable number of introductions that they receive from professional advisers and existing clients, each benefiting from the bespoke nature of their tax planning services. They undertake thorough research when offering advice. Where appropriate, they consult Tax Counsel and other specialist professionals in order to ensure their advice and suggested solution has been reviewed by an independent panel of experts. They consider all aspects of tax planning. Their expertise includes, but is not limited to, giving advice on and creating tax planning solutions for:

  • Corporate tax
  • Tax efficient profit extraction for business owners
  • Efficient remuneration planning for directors
  • Specialist remuneration planning for the professions
  • Addressing legacy issues of Employee Benefit Trusts
  • Offshore residency and domicile planning
  • Inheritance tax and estate planning

By working with our Panel Tax consultant, clients and their professional advisers can be assured that their interests are being represented to the highest standard.